2012 Faerie Ball Preparations with Theatre Upon a Star Dance Swan

September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Not only do I have the privilege of working with the most magical woman I have ever known, Lori Keller of Star Dance Swan, but I have the honor of fixing my amazing sister’s delicate costume for the ball.  Faerie Ball is an annual event in the Paseo Arts District  just as Fall nears.  It is a celebration of flowers and movement, children and community.  It is one of the three events where the community can experience the magic of Lori Keller.  She has touched many lives with her eccentric style of dress, costumes, speaking, and imagining.  I grew up with my sister Casey dancing in Star Dance Swan.  The costumes and decor Lori so brilliantly created inspired my art and is inspiring my clothing line.  So, to be able to have in my studio one of those very costumes, worn by my own sister, is so cool!  I feel almost unworthy! Ha!

I can only hope that I feel the magic of this costume as I hand stitch the delicate tears in the layers it contains…